Come join Laure Ferlita for an

     “Imaginary Trip

                    Through Autumn!”

It’s getting to be time for slowing down, time for finishing up, if you will, of the year before we settle in under winter’s white mantle. Whether it is the brilliant jewel tones, the smell of wood smoke, the cooling temperatures or something else, Autumn brings us gifts that require savoring...before the season is gone all too quickly!

Working in a sketchbook is a wonderful way to capture Autumns’ all-too-brief visit so that we may enjoy it time and again. Working on colorful vistas with the oranges, reds and rusts to the last of the harvest’s bounty of pumpkins and squash, there’s plenty to fill the pages.

With so much going on, we’ll have several opportunities to use the “5 e’s” to help us:


  1. simplify complex scenes

  1. eliminate unnecessary details

• capture the essence of a scene in a limited amount of time

  1. use value and contrast to make your sketches “pop!”

  1. and best of all, you’ll “come home” with an extraordinary sketchbook full of all the wonderful places we will visit!

Class Format

The class is six weeks long with 1 timed assignment given each week. Video demos are provided for all assignments so that you can “see” the techniques used. You have total flexibility as to when you watch the videos once they are posted. The demos are available for the duration of the class and you can watch them as many times as you wish. You can even use the pause button to paint along with Laure! 

Individual critiques for each piece of work posted are given by Laure to help each artist grow. The critiques are provided in a secure environment along with feedback from other “travelers” in the class. Everyone will have email access for any questions or challenges that come up during the “trip.”

Students who enroll in this class should have the following:

Art Skills

Solid drawing skills including an understanding of shapes, shading,

    values and perspective

Basic painting skills including an understanding of washes, values,

    shaping and shapes (While it is not necessary for you to use

    watercolor, all demos and techniques will focus on using watercolor as

    the main sketching medium)

Computer (User) Skills

Use of email (to receive assignments)

Participation in a blog environment (how to post images, how to post comments;    

    instructions are given to get you started)

Computer Technology Requirements

Computer with high speed internet connection

Email (to receive assignments)

Scanner or digital camera (for posting images)

The “Imaginary Trip to Canada” class will begin in Thursday, June 4th, and will run through Thursday, July 23rd. Assignments and videos will continue to be available for two weeks past the last assignment date. Class will be limited in size.

The supply list for Imaginary Trips.

The cost of this class is $75.00 USD.


Please ask any questions before registering for the class.

You can email your questions by clicking on this link.



“An Imaginary Trip to Canada!”

$75.00 USD


Upon receipt of the cleared payment within PayPal, you will be redirected to the User Agreement* requiring you to read and accept the terms and conditions via an email confirmation.

* If after reading the User Agreement, you are unable to accept the terms, your class registration fee will be returned after two (2) business days. 

*User Agreement must be received before the start of class. Delay in sending the confirmation may result in your registration being returned because the class is full or it is past the deadline. 

-Thank you!-

for your interest in

“An Imaginary Trip to Canada!”

I look forward to “seeing” you on this trip!

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About Laure Ferlita

Learning to sketch on location was a challenge for Laure Ferlita. “When I first tried sketching on location, I either came home with a blank page or I tried to put everything on the page and it was a glorious mess!” says Laure. She developed a system she calls the “5 e’s”—evaluate, eliminate, edit, embellish and exaggerate. Since coming up with the system, Laure has had a great deal of fun sharing and teaching others this simple way to create pages in their sketchbooks so that they too can enjoy sketching on location!

Another of Laure’s passions is watercolor. “Watercolor, for me, is the perfect sketching medium.” Laure says. “It provides ease of use, quick color saturation, clean up is  a snap and really, you don’t need much equipment. Used as a sketching medium, watercolor is not quite so intimidating either.”

To see more of Laure’s work, you can visit her web site at or see what’s on the art table today by visiting her blog, Painted Thoughts!

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