Busy schedule? Traveling? Not much time? Try an

“Independent Learning Class (ILC)”

with Laure Ferlita!

We’re all busy these days and it’s sometimes tough to get the stars to align so you can take a class on someone else’s schedule. With Independent Learning Classes, you choose when, where and what to do—on your schedule!

You will have one year of immediate access to ALL video demos and class assignments upon enrollment. You can download all of the pdfs and you can watch the video demos as many times as you like.

There are also several options for you, based on your artistic journey:

  1. Basic Enrollment - This basic course includes access to all class assignments and video demos for one year upon the date of your enrollment for each class you enroll in with no interaction with the teacher or a class environment. You work at your own pace.

  1. Enhanced Enrollment - This enrollment gives you access to all class assignments and video demos for one year upon the date of your enrollment for each class you enroll in PLUS you will receive one PRIVATE Email Critique per assignment from Laure to help you develop your artistic skills.

  1. Advanced Enrollment - For the serious artist looking to develop their artistic skills with more feedback and interaction with Laure, this enrollment includes access to all class assignments and video demos for one year upon the date of your enrollment for each class you enroll in, one Private Email Critique per assignment PLUS 1-on-1 LIVE Mentoring Sessions with Laure to discuss challenges, development and direction.

All ILC classes are hosted at The Imaginary Realm. You can click the name or go directly to the class you’re interested in by clicking on the Class Name below. If a class name is not clickable or the class name is black, it is not yet available.

More classes are being added as quickly as possible!

Thank you for your patience while I searched for a workable solution to host these classes.


ILC - Artful Journaling: Foundations - NOW OPEN!!

ILC - Artful Journaling: Explorations - NOW OPEN!!

ILC - An Imaginary Trip To New Orleans - NOW OPEN!!

ILC - An Imaginary Trip To San Francisco - Launching Soon!


Please click on any of the links above to learn more about the trip, visit or class!

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About Laure Ferlita

Learning to sketch on location was a challenge for Laure Ferlita. “When I first tried sketching on location, I either came home with a blank page or I tried to put everything on the page and it was a glorious mess!” says Laure. She developed a system she calls the “5 e’s”—evaluate, eliminate, edit, embellish and exaggerate. Since coming up with the system, Laure has had a great deal of fun sharing and teaching others this simple way to create pages in their sketchbooks so that they too can enjoy sketching on location!

Another of Laure’s passions is watercolor. “Watercolor, for me, is the perfect sketching medium.” Laure says. “It provides ease of use, quick color saturation, clean up is  a snap and really, you don’t need much equipment. Used as a sketching medium, watercolor is not quite so intimidating either.”

To see more of Laure’s work, you can visit her web site at or see what’s on the art table today by visiting her blog, Painted Thoughts!