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Learning to sketch on location was a challenge for Laure Ferlita. “When I first tried sketching on location, I either came home with a blank page or I tried to put everything on the page and it was a glorious mess!” says Laure. She developed a system she calls the “5 e’s”—evaluate, eliminate, edit, embellish and exaggerate. Since coming up with the system, Laure has had a great deal of fun sharing and teaching others this simple way to create pages in their sketchbooks so that they too can enjoy sketching on location!

Another of Laure’s passions is watercolor. “Watercolor, for me, is the perfect sketching medium.” Laure says. “It provides ease of use, quick color saturation, clean up is  a snap and really, you don’t need much equipment. Used as a sketching medium, watercolor is not quite so intimidating either.”

To see more of Laure’s work, you can visit her web site at www.LaureFerlita.com or see what’s on the art table today by visiting her blog, Painted Thoughts!

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To Help Usher In Spring...

A Note From Laure

Let’s go stroll among the flowers and sit by the koi pond at Selby Gardens! The gardens are one of the premier botanical gardens in Florida and well worth the visit. It’s the kind of place you want to sit a while and linger to watch the sun go down over the bay or to enjoy the gentle breezes while sketching a new-to-you flower! Won’t you come and join me for An Imaginary Trip To Selby Gardens? Class starts on April 27th. Click HERE to learn more about the class and the new class format options that are available!

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Sarasota, Florida - I will be teaching a LIVE one day class called, “Postcards in the Gardens” on April 21st. The gardens are a treat all by themselves as they sit right on the water and it’s truly an oasis. To learn more about the classes and to register, please click here. Hope to see you there! If you’re not close enough to make the live class, maybe you can take the Imaginary Trip To Selby Gardens. See above for more info or click the class title!

Is England on your bucket list?! Come and join me for An Imaginary Trip Made Real to England! Shakespeare’s birth city, Stratford-Upon-Avon, is a very walkable city with rolling meadows and canals to meander along as we sketch and immerse ourselves in the countryside. We’ll be going in August 2017! I have partnered with the Blue Walk, a tour company that understands an artist’s needs to slow down and sketch. I can hardly wait to explore the cobbled stone streets and English gardens. We’ll also be taking tea and possibly attending one of the theaters to take in a play. Sound like fun?! You can go here for all the details and to join in the fun!

Meanwhile, over at The Imaginary Realm, I will have “An Imaginary Visit Through Autumn, Part 1” and “An Imaginary Visit Through Autumn, Part 2” are now available as Independent Learning Classes! Start any time and work at your own pace. Sound good?! Click on the link above to learn more. 

Independent Learning Classes are self-paced and you will have access to the course materials for 365 days from the date of your enrollment! They’re the same class materials your receive during an interactive class. They have been retooled so you learn when you want, where you want, how you want and you can play the video demonstrations as many times as you’d like!

The Imaginary Realm is straightforward and clean which makes it easy to navigate. You can watch the videos and see the pdf handouts across all of your computers and tablets. There’s even a completion monitor to let you know how much of the class you’ve finished!

Please check back soon for more classes and come on over to the Painted Thoughts Blog to find out what’s going on right now!

Are you ready for more adventures?! I am!


If you would like to receive information about the future changes and classes, please click here.


Imaginary Trips offers online “trips” to fabulously exotic locations. Learn and improve your art skills, primarily sketching and painting as well learn more about the location we’ll be “visiting” without the usual hassles of traveling the world!

Busy, crazy life? Not much time to participate in an interactive class on some else’s schedule? Now there’s Independent Learning Classes so you can learn on your schedule, when you have the time!

  1. Travel to wonderful locations - without the hassles of luggage or the expense of airline tickets and hotel rooms

  1. Go on an Artist’s Holiday and to paint and sketch in the comfort of your home

  1. Learn new skills  at a relaxed pace that fits in with your schedule

  1. Meet new people “traveling” to the same exciting destination

  1. Develop your skills with feedback from an accomplished watercolorist


The following is a quick overview of the new pages and how to navigate to the area you most want to visit. You can also use the navigational links in the upper right hand corner of each page.

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Imaginary Trips are trips to larger locations like a city or country. The “trip” classes are longer in length with more information provided about the various locations we visit. For more information on Imaginary Trips, please click here.

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Imaginary Visits are visits to a season or imaginary place like Autumn or the beach. The visit classes are shorter in length than the trip classes and usually not specific to an actual place. This allows for a lot of creativity and fun! For more information about Imaginary Visits, please click here

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Independent Learning Classes (ILC) are for travelers who have very busy schedules, those who do not have time to fully participate in interactive classes, and those who prefer to work at their own pace. ILC are self-paced with continued access to all of the materials for one year from the date of purchase. Travelers can begin an Independent Learning Class at any time. Please click here for more information.

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